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What the heck does that mean, you ask? All websites need traffic. Sites need people to see their site in order to accomplish their goals. This goal may be selling a product or bringing internet users to read your blog.

This is how we can help. Traffic Speedway is in the business of delivering traffic hits to webistes. Our members view websites and we call this Surfing. For every site you visit or browse, you will receive advertising credit.
This credit can then be used to show your website to other members.

So now do you see? You and other members will be exchanging traffic. You look at my site, and I will look at yours.

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We have over 13,000 members that are
eager to see your advertisments.

At Traffic Speedway you can also display your banners.
A  banner is a small image, which is also an advertisment. When a member clicks on the banner, a new window opens that takes them to your website.

You can advertise the banner sizes you see here -->



We also have text ads that you can display.
These are word ads, that lead to your webpage.
Click here to see how a text ad works

After you join, you will able to submit up to 4 sites, 4 banners and 4 text ads

  I am Randy Fountain, and  
I Love my members.

I am very proud to be the owner of Traffic Speedway.  Over the years I have gotten to know many of our members and  enjoy our friendships. I have been using sites like ours since 2005. In 2008 I decided to open my own manual traffic exchange. And I wanted to treat members how I liked to be treated. With friendly customer service, fairness, fast response to questions and to ensure that everyone receives quality traffic. And I still use manual traffic exchanges every single day. I love to surf and see new things that people have to offer.

 Are we any good? Is this site worth using?

If you look to your left, in the sidebar, you can see a few places that rank traffic exchanges.

We are an esteemed member of TE Command Posts' Commando Surf. This is a very cool feature which allows you to surf other traffic exchanges at the same time as ours, and obtain even bigger surf ratios.

Our surf ratio starts at .35 hit for each page you view. Our pro members get 1 hit per pageview.

We offer Progressive Surf Ratios. This simply means after you view around 50 pages, the amount of credit you earn per view will increase, and it goes up again after 100 and so on. So the more you surf, the more advertising you will get for each website you visit.

If you dont want to surf, we offer very affordable advertising to fit any budget.

When you join, you will get a nice bonus to start your advertising!
After you’ve verified your email address and surfed 25 pages, you will receive...

100 website credits, 400 banner ad impressions and 500 text ad impressions!

 Is there anything Fun here to do while using our site?

Yes, we have many exciting features.

Speedways' letter hunter and icon collection game.
Here you get a letter every so often, and when you complete the word, you are rewarded with hits you can assign to your websites. Each time you get a letter, you also get an icon. Collect all the icons in the set, and you win some cool prizes.

Our top promoter contest is an exciting competition you can participate in. You get points for promoting Traffic Speedway ads across the web, and there substantial prizes.

We often have surf events with other sites where you receive various types of rewards.

I often give out promo codes, that you enter to obtain bonuses.

We have a chat room, where you can talk with other members, as you visit sites.
We offer team surfing, here you can grab some additional bonus
in this friendly competition. You see, when you are on a team, you earn points which helps out your fellow teammates.

 "Randy Fountain is definitely one of the 'Good Guys' in the world of
 Traffic Exchanges! His 'stick to it' attitude serves his members well.
  I recommend folks put the active Traffic Speedway on their surfing schedule."

What do others have to say about us?
Tony Tezak - New Mexico, USA
"When looking for a place to advertise there is one thing I look for in particular,
 an owner who really cares, and can be trusted to deliver what he promises.
 Randy is the best, and so glad to call him my friend. Traffic Speedway is a reliable
 source of good targeted traffic, fair prices, and GREAT RESULTS."
Marty Petrizza - Virginia, USA
"Traffic Speedway is always on my list of sites to advertise in, and the owner is
 one of the best people in this industry. Great advertising, quick support, and a
 really fun and smooth site to surf in with lots of bonuses and extras. I highly
 recommend Traffic Speedway to my members!"
Klara Schmidtz - Stockholm, Sweden

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Mousumi Traffic Coop Partner

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