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TRAFFIC SPEEDWAY is a free Traffic Exchange designed to drive high quality traffic to your website or blog. Delivering Free Website Advertising … You can show your site, blog or affiliate pages, plus your banners and text ads to our entire membership.

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I will do everything I possibly can to ensure you get Quality Visitors to your advertising. Wouldn’t You love to know your ADs were being seen REAL Viewers?

Also we incorporate Facebook, Twitter and more,
to give your ads further reach into the online market.

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Red Shirt Friday

Why Red Shirt Friday

What is the Red Shirt Friday Tradition and Why is it so Important?

The short explanation of the importance of the Tradition is that a large group of concerned citizens and a lot of Vets, especially Vietnam Vets, did not want the young kids in today’s Military to go through the ordeal of the late 60?s and early 70?s. The Red Shirt Friday Tradition is not political in any way, nor does it show a support for or against the Global War on Terror. Since September 11, 2011, there have been well over five million young guys and gals to step up and decide to join the Military in defense of that cowardly act against their country. None were drafted nor was there even the remotest chance of them being drafted. Deb and I had two boys who probably made the statement that was heard by many Moms, Dads. Husbands, Wives and Kids, “We just want to do something”. Deb and I can still hear those words ringing in our ears as we are sure many others do. They wanted to serve their country in a time of great need and they did.

Our two boys loved the idea that Mom and Dad jumped on the Tradition as soon as we heard about it. Why? Just like those other heroes, they wanted to know for sure if we appreciated what they were doing. We told them every time we talked to them face to face, on the phone, in skype and any other place, that They are Heroes, We Respected them, Admired them, and totally appreciated the sacrifice that they were making in defense of their country. Some times it is not easy finding the right words, so Just Wearing a Red Shirt on Friday speaks volumes. An overwhelming majority of them know what those Red Shirts on Friday mean and they appreciate that gesture. Deb and I have worn Red Shirts on Friday since we discovered the Tradition in 2005. Yes we have been called the bobsy twins many times but more importantly it gave us a chance to describe the Tradition to one more person that had not heard of it. These guys and gals deserve our appreciation and support so much and when you pass one of the young guys and gals in uniform, just tell them Thank You!

The Burgess Family sincerely hopes with all of our hearts that you help us spread the simple but most important tradition far and wide and not just in the United States, but Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and countless other Allied Countries across the globe that rose up on our defense after 911.

God Bless!

The Traffic Dance

The Traffic Dance

The Dance is a free traffic exchange


Owned by James Dias

The Traffic Dance
is a traffic exchange here to help you drive top quality traffic to your online ventures.

We are a socializing traffic exchange. We offer a chat that allows you to network an build relationships. We offer a whispering in our chat so that you do not need to leave the surf to privately chat with someone. We also have a Skype room that you can join if you wish by clicking the Skype icon on your main members page. You may also privately Skype James at ablazewithtraffic.

We offer profile pages. One to be used at The Dance, as people are chatting with you they can go to your internal profile page to learn about you and some of your online ventures. We also offer a profile page that allows you to tell a little about you online venture that you can promote outside of The Dance. This also has a feature that allows people to connect with you on all the social networking sites you may belong to.


TheTrafficDance icon
Being on a surfing team is another great way to build your online relationships. Many times team mates will follow each other into other online ventures and promote them together. Our weekly top 10 teams win credits divided amongst the team members. We also have weekly team verses team competition where the winning teams win credits, impressions and cash.

While surfing watch for our unique prize page, where you can win cash, credits, and impressions.

As the owner of The Traffic Dance, James is honored for you be a part of the community. He looks forward to supporting you!! Along with a HUGE thank you for supporting The Dance.


TE Surf Social

TE Surf Social

TESurfSocial a free traffic exchange

Marcy  McManaway

Marcy is the owner of TESurfSocial

TESurfSocial was built to bring the social aspect of the web to advertising.

Every day thousands of new people join traffic exchanges.

TESurfSocial is on the cutting edge of Traffic Exchange programs, bringing in new members to view your affiliate and splash pages.  With it’s built-in social features including profile pages, branded surfbar, social buttons and real-time chat, we strive to bring you the latest in networking features, to assist you with your networking and branding needs.

TE Surf Social

The truth is there are probably many things that you look for in deciding on a new exchange from fast and friendly customer service to earning real cash and commissions on upgrades and credit purchases. Traffic exchange advertising is becoming very fast paced and is one of the best promotional tools on the net.

To be apart of the Caring TE Alliance, means we take our business seriously. Good customer service is our #1 goal. We believe keeping our members happy is our most important service.  A great product with excellent customer service is what you will recieve with TESS.

Increase Your Website Traffic For Free and chat with other advertisers while surfing!

The result: Free High Quality traffic to your website

Join TESS for Free!

TESS looks forward to serving your advertising needs…

Internet Traffic 247

 Internet Traffic 24/7

IT 247 is a Free Traffic Exchange


IT is a Traffic Exchange

Internet traffic 247 was built and designed to be different. Much like the members surfing and promoting IT. IT made the person not the page the center of attention for personal branding.

IT is a personal Branding tool
Today Social marketing and networking are at the forefront of business minded individuals. Making every page in the system about the member first was and is the major objective if IT.

IT builds you
from the profile page to the VSIT downline builder IT promotes the member first. Show off your facebook youtube twitter and affiliate pages in style.

IT is all about you is IT and we would be happy and honored if you would …..


Join IT 247

James Dias owner The IT Guy

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