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$105 in Cash Prizes Today

Wednesday April 27th, 2011

Today we have a Very Special 3-way Promo
105 Wednesday with Grade A Traffic, Traffic Showdown & Speedway

*** 105 in Cash Prizes ***

That’s 35.00 Cash in prizes at each TE

surf 350+ pages Prizes…
1 Winner of 10.00 Cash

surf 250+ pages Prizes…
5 winners of 5.00 Cash
5 winners of 1000 credits

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Volcano Hits promo

Saturday April 23rd, 2011

Today Speedway Welcomes our pals Kaye and Ray for a 2-way
promo with Volcano Hits

surf 250 pages to qualify

Grand Prize
Start page of the day for Full week
$1.00 + 1,000/1,000/2,000
$0.75 + 750/750/1000
$0.25 + 500/500/750

No need to send a support ticket


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Countdown to Affiliate Funnel

Race to 3000, getting close til Speedway can be added to Affiliate
Funnel. So I am offering Awards to Speedway’s 3000th member
and his/her Referrer.

AF countdown Prizes for 3000th member and Referrer…
* 1 month Top Upgrade
* 30-day Url Blaster- your url rotating with unlimited credits
* 1000 credits 2000 banners and 3000 text

Grab your referral promo tools… click Promote Speedway button

Elevated Power List Launches

Just Launched …

Elevated Power List Offers:

**A Rapid and Effortless List
**The ability to build HUGE Downlines
**Multiple Ways to Build your List
**An Opportunity for huge commissions with their affiliate program
**Targeted traffic to your websites
**A credit based system that ensures your emails are being read
    and your websites are viewed
**$100 in FREE Advertising just for grabbing your free membership
**A Tracking system – See how many clicks your ads receive and
    when its time to replenish your ads

Grab your free membership today and you will experience
first hand the thrill of getting instant traffic with
almost no effort whatsoever.


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