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Free Referrals and Big Game Hits

It’s Day 5 of our 7-day Celebration of Speedway entering Affiliate Funnel!
Grand Prizes: 1st 6 month Pro Upgrade
2nd 3 month Pro Upgrade

Extra AF Celebration Prizes at Speedway for May 22…
** Win 1 Speedway referral every 200 pages you surf **
Send me a support ticket to claim referrals

Big Game Hits 2-day Weekend promo
Sat. May 21st & Sun. May 22nd

$3 + 1000/2000/3000 – Grand Prize
$2 + 800/1000/1000
$1 + 800/800/800

Join and Surf Big Game Hits

Surf 300 + pages over the 2-day promo at Speedway and
Big Game Hits to qualify. Get an extra entry for every
100 page views. No support tickets needed

Affiliate Funnel accepts Traffic Speedway

WOOO HOOO! Fantastic News:
Traffic Speedway passed 3000 members and was
accepted into the esteemed Affiliate Funnel.

On Now 7-day AF Celebration !
Lots of Prizes and Grand Prizes on Day 7 – READ ON

10 is Best
Once per day:

Traffic Sale…
1000 Website Hits  for only… $4.77
20000 Banner credits for only…
20000 Text Ad credits for only…
Grab these bargains HERE

Extra AF Celebration Prizes at Speedway May 21…
WIN: 10 credits 200 banners 300 text and $.01
every 100 pages for correct answers on verify page.

Special World News Bulletin:
Traffic Speedway heard Roaring at Jungle Clicks Pro.

Numerous Witnesses testify…
“it was like this real loud Thundering sound”
“Yea, I heard it, was like a big BOOM”
“It’s like, scary, but totally exciting”

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines…
It’s time we add a BIG Rumble to the Jungle!

My Good Pal Millie and I, have teamed up to bring you
lots of Fast excellent traffic to your Advertisments.

Grab a seat and hang on… TUE.& WED,  May 10th & 11th

Speedy/Jungle 2-day 2-way…
Grand Prize $5 + 1000/1000/1000
$2 + 1000/2000/3000
$1 + 800/1000/1000

Join and Surf Jungle Clicks Pro

Traffic Speedway

Traffic Exchange inhouse promo and Chrome

*** Please see Important info below if you use Google Chrome

Woo Hoo!… In house surfing event Wed. 5/04 & Th. 5/05

2 winners of a 31-day Pro-1 Upgrade
3 winners of 3 Speedway referrals + 200 credits
2 winners of $1 + 100/500/500

Easy to qualify, just surf 100 pages over the 2-day event.
Earn extra entry for each additional 100 pages views.

No support tickets needed

PS- Remember to load up your websites with credits so they get
traffic. Login, Assign credits, Set up Banners & Text Ads & then
Surf Speedway like crazy. 🙂

*** IMPORTANT, If you surf Speedway using Google Chrome ***

There is a problem with Chrome’s latest version and our script.

To fix this issue…

1.)    Make a System restore point first so if you make mistake
with your system, you can revert back”

2.)    You will need to turn OFF Chrome auto update,
follow instructions at the link below:

3.)    Download and install the previous version of Chrome

I would like to Thank Linda Hoang for giving these details on Chrome

Linda made our PickAprize splashpages and new ones to come.
If you need a Graphics Pro, see her blog. Very good prices

She also has lots of great tips for earning from TE’s and PTC.


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