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Traffic Exchanges Click Roads and Elevated event + Winners!

Monday  Jan. 23rd

Speedway welcomes Click Roads & Elevated Traffic

Prizes at Each TE…
1 winner of $3
1 winner of $2
1 winner of 1000/1000/1000
1 winner of 500/500/500
1 winner of 300/300/300

Surf 150 pages to qualify for prizes
No support tickets needed

Also we have our regular Monday event…
So come ride the Elevated Speedway for Guaranteed prizes.It’s simple, surf Traffic Speedway & Elevated Traffic, and YOU Win at each TE – Each and every Monday.

$.01 + 20 credits 100 banners and 200 text

You Win these after Every 100 pages, just answer the verify
questions correctly.

Click Roads       Elevated Traffic        Traffic Speedway

.   .   .
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I would like to thank Cathy, Jolynn, Marcus, Ken and Rodney for the great promo we just had with Hot Flash Hits and Legacy Hits.

How about some winners?

Winners of our 3-day Promo with Legacy and Hot Flash

(Prizes have been added to your Speedway accounts)
3925 MichaelCamire won our Grand Prize of a 1-month Top Upgrade
3878 Viktor & 1329 Swhomebiz won a 1 Week Top Upgrade
5 Winners of 100/1000/1000 for Day-1 Jan. 18  
3921     littlejefe
3927     joyfullee
3095     tigermuskie
3837     Kunz1972 micahk
3565     bohemian
5 Winners of 100/1000/1000 for Day-2 Jan. 19
3413     Aaron Green
3922     veronicaS
3533     brodie1972
3910     SilverDark
2068     Esnia
5 Winners of 100/1000/1000 for Day-3 Jan. 20
3700     mimagi
3935    im800man
3925     MichaelCamire
3926     mfpsassy
1612     brendab

Click Track Profit Badge winners…
981 Jimmy Adames & 3930 joneshe won a Randy Fountain CTP Badge
3919 GeriG8900 & 3643 Perry O. won a Traffic Speedway CTP Badge
I will email you the badge. The badges are for promotions and prizes, so
please don’t share them with others.

Speedway welcomes Hot Flash Hits and Legacy Hits…



Jan. 18th, 19th & 20th

Traffic Speedway has teamed up with two Great manual traffic exchanges to bring you 3 full days of action packed fun and Prizes. We Proudly welcome Hot Flash Hits and Legacy Hits as our special guests.

Check out these great advertising prizes up for grabs to help you advertise your website or blog.

Surf 100 for Daily prizes at each TE…s
5 Winners of 100/1000/1000

Grand Prize Surf 300 Total at all 3 TE’s
1 Winner of a  1 Month Top Upgrade at each TE
2 Winners of a 1 Week Top Upgrade at eact TE

Plus we’ll pick 4 lucky winners at each TE for Speedy’s Click Track Profit Badges… These exclusive CTP badges have never been released.

2 win ==>Randy Fountain Badge   2 win ==> Traffic Speedway Badge


Click the banners to Join businesses with Owners Who Care!

Hot Flash Hits      Legacy Hits      Traffic Speedway

The Caring TE Alliance – Owners Who Care!

Traffic Speedway is a proud  partner of CTA.  We invite you to get know us as we share valuable knowledge to better help you understand how to properly use TE”s, manage your ad campaigns as well as surfing strategies plus more goodies.

The Caring TE Alliance brings to the table over 25 years of combined experience in the Traffic Exchange  industry. CTA is currently working on a project where we will share our lessons learned with you and provide training relating to Traffic Exchanges, marketing tactics, branding and social networking. We have some video training in the works as well.

So just who is CTA?

  • Randy Fountain of Traffic Speedway

  • Cathy White and Jolynn Moss of Hot Flash Hits

  • Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli & Rodney Hage of  Legacy Hits

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