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The BIG Throwdown with Showdown

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– Tuesday July 31st –

The BIG Throwdown with Showdown

Traffic Showdown is on The Speedway today.

So come have some fun and race for the many

big prizes up for grabs for you today.

Prizes at each site…

5 winners of $1 + 500/1000/2000

5 winners of 250/1000/2000

Surf 100 pages to qualify every 100 earns

you an extra ticket in the drawing.

Double your chances of winning by surfing at Both sites.

   Traffic Speedway

Breaking The Mold Fast N Smokin Hot Volcano Hits is here

– Saturday July 28th –

Today we are burning up the track a Speedway
welcomes Volcano Hits

Prizes at each site:

2 Winners get $2 + 200/200/200

2 Winners get $1 + 100/100/100

2 Winners get 500 Credits

2 Winners get 2000 Banners

2 Winners get 5000 Texts

Surf 75 pages to qualify for contest entry.
Double your chances of winning by surfing at both sites.

Join in the Fun, Cause this place is gonna be on FIRE.

Join and Surf The Volcano

Surf to Win @ Traffic SpeedwayTraffic Speedway

HOT Surfing Event with Hot Website Traffic

– July 18th & 19th –

HOT Surfing Event with Hot Website Traffic

2-Days of Big Prizes for you to Win.

Surf 200 at both sites to qualify for…

4 winners of $2 + 500/500/500
7 winners of 300/300/300
That’s 11 winners at each day each site

Grand Prizes surf 200 at Both sites Each day…

2 winners of a One week Uprade
1 winner of 1000/1000/1000

Surf to Win @ Hot Website Traffic

Surf to Win @ Traffic SpeedwayTraffic Speedway

Have you seen the new Speedy Girl splash page?

Click HERE to take a peek

Tezak is Soaring on the Speedway

– Thursday July 12th –

Traffic Speedway proudly Welcomes

as we Celebrate TEZAK‘s Third Year Anniversary

I’d like to offer a Big Congratulations to Tony Tezak for
creating this Powerhouse Traffic Exchange.

Surf 100 pages for Prizes at Each TE…

  • 5 Winners of $3 + 300/300/300

  • 4 Winners of 1000 Credits

  • 4 Winners of 1000 Banner Impressions

  • 4 Winners of 1000 Text Impressions

Not required, but…
You Triple your chances of winning by surfing at all 3 sites


To Surf @ TEZAK TRAFFIC POWER  Join Below…


To Surf @ SOARING 4 Traffic  Join Below…


To Surf @ Traffic Speedway  Join Below…Traffic Speedway


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