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The HOG RUN 200 plus Isaac

Hurricane Isaac came thru our area, and I sure feel blessed as
we came out just fine. We live in South Mississippi near Biloxi
and Gulfport, along the Gulf Coast. So the worst of Isaac was
to the west of us.

Traffic Speedway has something special for you today.

The HOG RUN 200 surfing event!
Speedway welcomes a Very Awesomly Active site…
WEBSITE TRAFFIC HOG for a 2-day Surfing Event,
Thur. August 30th and Friday August 31st

Website Traffic Hog is owned by Marty Petrizza, Marty is
quite an impressive marketer and she keeps Hog Rockin with
Tons of traffic.  Grab your Free WebsiteTrafficHog account

Prizes: Surf 200 both sites to qualify for…
4 winners get $2 + 500/500/500
7 winners get 300/300/300
Whoo Waaa – That’s 11 Winners Each day at Each site!

Grand Prizes: surf 200 at Both sites Each day…
2 winners get a 1-Week Uprade
1 winner gets 1000/1000/1000

No Support tickets needed 🙂

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Darren Olander just released Viral Nugget 2.0!

I am excited to share with you a proven advertising resource that has
been around for 3 years, with a reliable owner, which JUST got better
than ever…

Darren Olander just released Viral Nugget 2.0!

Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!

Viral Nugget is a two-in-one advertising system that allows you to
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Your text ads are then displayed on hundreds, if not thousands, of sites
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That’s just one of the awesome benefits to using Viral Nugget!

Oh, and I snagged a reward code for you that will help you get even
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Use this code: VNROCKS

Go ahead!

Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!

To your success,

Randy Fountain

P.S. Make sure to watch out for the special
offer when you join, it’s one of the best
deals in the industry.. and it just makes
sense to upgrade with a site that is
already proven, with a reliable owner –
doesn’t it?



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