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Zaney Clicks Promo + Nifty-50s Event & Hot Flash Hits Turkey Treasuress

– Wednesday November 7th –

Speedy has lots of surfing activities lined up for you today.

1.) Zaney Clicks Celebration for Nancy
2.) Our weekly Nifty-50s surfing event
3.) Hot Flash Hit’s Turkey Treasure Prize page

* 1.) Zaney Clicks Celebration for Nancy’s birthday *

Prizes at Each Site…
3 Winners of $1 + 100/1000/1000
3 Winners of 500 Credits
3 Winners of 1000 Banner Impressions
3 Winners of 1000 Text Impressions

Surf 100 pages to qualify for entry
Double your chances of winning by surfing Both sites

Join and Surf Zaney Clicks…

2.) Our weekly Nifty-50s surfing event

Featuring 4 Top Quality exchanges Every Wednesday…
Krazy Exchange –  ETraffic Freedom
SurfingwiththeOldiesTraffic Speedway

Enter Bonus Code:  11-07Nifty50
Then Surf 50 pages, and you get…
$.01 + 25 credits 50banners and 100text ads

These Prizes are at Each Site

If you’re not a member Join to get started…

eTrafficFreedom Surfing/Oldies KrazyExchange Speedway









3.) Hot Flash Hit’s Turkey Treasure Prize page

Cathy and Jolynn of Hot Flash Hits gave me a Special page
for you to find while surfing Speedway today.

Find the Turkey Treasure Prize Page and you Win a Reward,

Plus there’s a “Surfers Challenge” to Win a Larger Prize.
So you can Win and then Win even MORE!

The Turkey Treasure Prize Page will show every 50 pages
that ya Surf at Speedway, so if ya miss it, you’ll see it again.

Are you a member of Hot Flash Hits?

While you’re surfing, please remember to show the same attention
to other member’s sites as you would like to have when they see
your ads. Quality traffic and Results is what we want for you
here at Speedway.

Traffic Speedway

Fox Hits is on the Speedway today

– Friday November 2nd –

Today we welcome first time guest FOX-HITS

Fox-Hits is about a month old, and already has over
1,800 members. WOW!

Fozy’s owner Mladenka and I made some Big Rewards
for your surfing efforts today at our traffic exchanges.

Prizes at Each site…
1 wins $5 + 200/200/200
1 wins $2 + 100/100/100
2 win $1 + 100 /100 /100
1 wins 300 /300 /300
1 wins 200/200/200
1 wins 100/100/100

Surf 100 pages at EACH TE to qualify for Prizes

Join and Surf – Fox HitsFox Hits

Join and Surf – TrafficSpeedway




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