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InstaPopSurf Event + It’s HOT-ROD-Tuesday

InstaPopSurf Event + It’s HOT-ROD-Tuesday

InstaPopSurf & Traffic Speedway 2-day Surf Promo
March 26th(Tue.) & 27th(Wed.)
Surf 300 pages over the 2-day event for your chance to win.

Prizes at Both InstaPop & Speedway…
1 Winner of $4.00 +200/200/200
2 Winners of $1.00 +100/100/100
2 Winners of 250 Credits
2 Winners of 1000 Banners
2 Winners of 1000 Text Ads

Get Signed up to InstaPopSurf and Surf to Win…
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Today is our weekly event… HOT-ROD-Tuesday!

Enter Bonus Code: hrt0326
Surf 100 and you receive $0.04 +15/100/100

Plus One $5 Grand Prize Winner each week

Participating HOT-ROD-Tuesday sites…

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Serendipitous Saturday + more St. Paddy’s Puzzle Celeberation


Serendipitous Saturday
with FarmTraffic Speedy BizKliz

Surf 100 Pages to qualify
$25.00 Grand Prize (Provided by LFMTE)
Each Site Gives:
1 Winner – 1000/1000/1000
1 Winner – 700/700/700
1 Winner – 500/500/500

Join and Surf BizKlix…

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St. Patrick’s Day 3-day Celebration

March 15th, 16th & 17th

Sponsored by Ad-OneTen and 7 Great traffic exchanges!

Surf to find your Lucky St. Paddy’s Puzzle Pieces.  Each
puzzle piece will be worth some cash and once you have
have all the puzzle pieces, you qualify for some hot prizes.

  Grand Prize Winner – $25 
  2 Winners of $10 
  3 Winners of $5 

To collect the puzzle pieces, you must have
an Ad-One-Ten account – its completely free.

Join and Surf the Participating Sites…

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