The Caring TE Alliance

Traffic Exchange owners who truly care

The Caring TE Alliance

What Is The Caring TE Alliance?

A group of traffic exchange owners and surfers who have joined forces with a commitment to business excellence.

Members of the Caring TE Alliance include:
Jonathan Black, Sam Burgess, James Dias, Randy Fountain, Marcy McManaway, Jolynn Moss and Catherine White.

The plans of The Caring TE Alliance are to work within the traffic exchange industry to promote positive events and support all members and owners in their business endeavors.

Traffic Exchanges involved with the CTEA:





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Why Red Shirt Friday


“Here is a group of owners so dedicated to providing value to their members that they even created The Caring TE Alliance! What does this mean for you? You can get help from them when you need it, and be confident that you are advertising on sites with active and dedicated owners. Check them out.. and support the owners in this industry who CARE!” ~ Darren Olander

Tony Tezak“The Caring TE Alliance involves the owners of traffic exchanges who saw a need for combining their knowledge and experience to provide quality traffic and services to their members.  These folks use every means possible to communicate with their members.  They truly believe in taking exceptional care of their members.  I applaud their effort and encourage people to support their traffic exchanges.” ~ Tony Tezak

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The Caring TE Alliance
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