Hot Flash Hits

Hot Flash Hits

Bringing “Intense Heat” to your websites

 Hot Flash Hits


 Hot Flash Hits is a Social, Manual Traffic Exchange that Brings Daily Traffic To Your Websites.

  Their goal to bring fresh eyes to your websites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while building a social community.

Top Benefits of Using a Traffic Exchange :

  Free Advertising
Build Your List
Earn Affiliate Income

  When you join Hot Flash Hits , not only do they help you build your business, they make you feel like Family.

 Owners Jolynn Moss and Cathy White


  “Hot Flash”a feeling of intense heat.

  This traffic exchange will bring “Intense Heat” to your websites on a daily basis.

Hot Flash Hits is a social, manual traffic exchange. Continually bring in new members to view your affiliate pages, splash pages, blogs, and websites.  The continual influx of new members will help you build your website traffic. They strive to make your advertising experience fun and fresh while delivering quality traffic to your websites.

When you join their traffic exchange, they encourage you to participate in the social community.  Relationship building will help you achieve your online business building goals faster. Hot Flash Hits is a traffic exchange full of fantastic members just waiting to view your sites and interact with you.

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Real Star Surf A New Traffic Exchange

Real Star Surf

A New Traffic Exchange

Looking for Advertising Solution that Works?
Get Real Results with Real People,
Real Traffic and Real Rewards.

Every serious internet marketer knows that traffic is the most important thing when it comes to online advertising.

RealStarSurf helps you control your most important advertising needs – consistent traffic delivery with high conversion rates.

  real star surf proud new member


  • Packed with Benefits you will Love
  • Loaded with Great Features
  • Experienced & Caring owners Denice and Laura


Produced and brought to you jointly by InstaGroup and BuzzyGroup Advertising, Denise and Laura are the most dedicated and dynamic owners of traffic generating sites that have been highly successful.

You will enjoy the benefits of an active Traffic Exchange…. 


  • Instant Website traffic on signup
  • Fastest way to create an online presence and start making sales right away
  • Text and Banners advertising all over the site
  • Login Spot light ads
  • Icon collection $cash rewards
  • Surf rewards – $cash rewards
  • Top promoters guaranteed prizes
  • Downline Builders
  • High quality Free Rotator and Tracker
  • Commissions, Commissions, Commissions
  • And much, much more!

Exclusive Bonus just for Speedway members
Surf 25 pages Claim 250 Credits 250 Banners and 250 TextAds

This is for you, so please don’t share code with others.

Sign Up BONUS… Promocode:  PREMIER
Surf 100 websites Get 500 Traffic Credits

Be one of the first 500 to join and you will enjoy privileged memberbership with early bird discount. Do read the OTO carefully on your first login to accept the Gift. This offer may not last – don’t delay!

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Rumble in the Jungle with JungleClicksPro

Saturday November 2nd

I made changes to the TOP Promoter Contest. 🙂
More and more of you have been promoting Speedway, so I
increased the contest’s Prizes.
Thanks for your help. Remember, if you make your own splash
pages to use, submit them on the TopPromoter page, so that
those views will be counted, earning you points.

Today we have an event with JungleClicksPro

Prizes at Both sites…
2 X 1 + 500/500/500
2 X 500/500/500
2 x $.75 + 250/250/250
2 x $.50 + 150/150/150

Surf 100 Pages for contest entry.
Double your chances of winning by surfing both sites.
No support tickets needed 🙂

Not a member of JungleClicksPro? Join below…


TE TrickorTreat 4 the Troops

Fun surfing event and good cause

Come Join this Fun Surf Contest,
you can Win Cash and Advertising Prizes

also, WIN Cash and Prizes by Promoting TrafficSpeedway in our…
TOP Promoter Contest

Authorities issue Warning for North GA…
“Caution Scarry Monster sited in area.”

ROFL this is my Great nephew Kyle, my neice Josey’s baby
he’s a cutie!

Photo of Randy Fountain's greatnephew KYLE, in his Pile of Halloween Candy

Friday November 1st

Today we’re helping support: TrickorTreat 4 the Troops

VeteranSurf & 1ModernSolution are giving 50% of their profits for
the week to buy candy, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to send to
Operation Gratitude
for men and women of the Armed Forces.

Participating traffic exchanges… Veteran Surf | 1 Modern Solution
MaxTrafficPro | TeacupPuppyTraffic | TrafficSpeedway

Surf 100 pages at each Exchange to qualify for…
2 x $1 100/100/100
2 x $.50 75/75/75
4 x $.25 50/50/50
2 x 25/25/25

For a list of all Prizes Click HERE

Enter promo code:  GhostBusters
Surf 100 pages and get
$.05 + 25/50/100







Freedom Traffic event

Thursday October 3rd

Todays Checkered Flag Bonus
$.02 + 15credits 150banners and 150text ads
Enter Code:  10-3Go150
Then Surf 150 pages, and it will be added automatically.

Today we go Surfing with Wendy Orestano and her
Great site…

Prizes at Each site…
1 Winner of $2 +200/1000/1000
1 Winner of $1 +100/1000/1000
1 Winner of $.75 +75/750/750
1 Winner of $.50 +50/500/500
1 Winner of $.25 +25/250/250
1 Winner of $.20 +20/200/200

Surf 125 Pages for contest entry.
Double your chances of winning by surfing both sites.
No support tickets needed

If your not member of Freedom Traffic, Join below…


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