Red Shirt Friday

Why Red Shirt Friday


What is the Red Shirt Friday Tradition and Why is it so Important?

The short explanation of the importance of the Tradition is that a large group of concerned citizens and a lot of Vets, especially Vietnam Vets, did not want the young kids in today’s Military to go through the ordeal of the late 60?s and early 70?s. The Red Shirt Friday Tradition is not political in any way, nor does it show a support for or against the Global War on Terror. Since September 11, 2011, there have been well over five million young guys and gals to step up and decide to join the Military in defense of that cowardly act against their country. None were drafted nor was there even the remotest chance of them being drafted. Deb and I had two boys who probably made the statement that was heard by many Moms, Dads. Husbands, Wives and Kids, “We just want to do something”. Deb and I can still hear those words ringing in our ears as we are sure many others do. They wanted to serve their country in a time of great need and they did.

Our two boys loved the idea that Mom and Dad jumped on the Tradition as soon as we heard about it. Why? Just like those other heroes, they wanted to know for sure if we appreciated what they were doing. We told them every time we talked to them face to face, on the phone, in skype and any other place, that They are Heroes, We Respected them, Admired them, and totally appreciated the sacrifice that they were making in defense of their country. Some times it is not easy finding the right words, so Just Wearing a Red Shirt on Friday speaks volumes. An overwhelming majority of them know what those Red Shirts on Friday mean and they appreciate that gesture. Deb and I have worn Red Shirts on Friday since we discovered the Tradition in 2005. Yes we have been called the bobsy twins many times but more importantly it gave us a chance to describe the Tradition to one more person that had not heard of it. These guys and gals deserve our appreciation and support so much and when you pass one of the young guys and gals in uniform, just tell them Thank You!

The Burgess Family sincerely hopes with all of our hearts that you help us spread the simple but most important tradition far and wide and not just in the United States, but Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and countless other Allied Countries across the globe that rose up on our defense after 911.

God Bless!

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