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TESS owner Marcy McManaway
Marcy  McManaway

Marcy is the owner of TESurfSocial

TESurfSocial was built to bring the social aspect of the web to advertising.

Every day thousands of new people join traffic exchanges.

TESurfSocial is on the cutting edge of Traffic Exchange programs, bringing in new members to view your affiliate and splash pages.  With it’s built-in social features including profile pages, branded surfbar, social buttons and real-time chat, we strive to bring you the latest in networking features, to assist you with your networking and branding needs.

TE Surf Social

The truth is there are probably many things that you look for in deciding on a new exchange from fast and friendly customer service to earning real cash and commissions on upgrades and credit purchases. Traffic exchange advertising is becoming very fast paced and is one of the best promotional tools on the net.

To be apart of the Caring TE Alliance, means we take our business seriously. Good customer service is our #1 goal. We believe keeping our members happy is our most important service.  A great product with excellent customer service is what you will recieve with TESS.

Increase Your Website Traffic For Free and chat with other advertisers while surfing!

The result: Free High Quality traffic to your website

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TESS looks forward to serving your advertising needs…

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