The Traffic Dance

The Traffic Dance

The Dance is a free traffic exchange


dance with more traffic
Owned by James Dias

The Traffic Dance
is a traffic exchange here to help you drive top quality traffic to your online ventures.

We are a socializing traffic exchange. We offer a chat that allows you to network an build relationships. We offer a whispering in our chat so that you do not need to leave the surf to privately chat with someone. We also have a Skype room that you can join if you wish by clicking the Skype icon on your main members page. You may also privately Skype James at ablazewithtraffic.

We offer profile pages. One to be used at The Dance, as people are chatting with you they can go to your internal profile page to learn about you and some of your online ventures. We also offer a profile page that allows you to tell a little about you online venture that you can promote outside of The Dance. This also has a feature that allows people to connect with you on all the social networking sites you may belong to.


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Being on a surfing team is another great way to build your online relationships. Many times team mates will follow each other into other online ventures and promote them together. Our weekly top 10 teams win credits divided amongst the team members. We also have weekly team verses team competition where the winning teams win credits, impressions and cash.

While surfing watch for our unique prize page, where you can win cash, credits, and impressions.

As the owner of The Traffic Dance, James is honored for you be a part of the community. He looks forward to supporting you!! Along with a HUGE thank you for supporting The Dance.


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