Thunderin-Thursday + Steal My Commissions

It’s Thunderin-Thursday
Plus Steal My Commissions

 It’s a Big Day with Lots of Great Rewards
Steal My Commish, Plus 4codes for  Extra bonuses
Enjoy your time surfing with us today ! 🙂

Today is my Great friend Beth Allen’s Birthday

so I have devised a Secret Surfing Event with her
Traffic Exchange a Great website…


Surf 150 pages at “Both” Elevated and Speedy

Great Prizes at Each Traffic Exchange…
1 Winner of $4
2 Winners of $2

Okay, so what’s being stolen? I using my hard
earned ET commissions to pay the cash prizes. 🙂

You Must surf Both sites to qualify for drawing.

Elevated Traffic


Enter Promo Code:  Surf44-May2
then Surf 44 pages, and get…
44banners & 44text ads

Enter Promo Code:  Surf144-May2
then Surf 144 pages, and you win…
$.01 + 14credits 144banners & 144text ads

Enter Promo Code:  Surf244-May2
then Surf 244 pages, to reward yourself with…
$.02 + 24credits 144banners & 144text ads

Enter Promo Code:  Surf444-May2
then Surf 444 pages, and you will earn…
$.04 + 44credits 144banners & 144text ads

Respectful Surfing:
Please give the same attention to member’s sites, as you would like to receive when they see your Ads. Quality traffic and Results is what we want for You here at SPEEDwaY.

So come on in and earn lots of Great Website Advertising
to build Your business.

Let’s show Beth our Love on her special day.

Elevated Traffic                           SPEED Up Your Traffic with<br />Traffic Speedway

Login Now and Surf to Win at SPEEDY

If you need my help. Login, then Click the Ask Admin button
Skype Skype me – I am here to serve YOU.


Thanks, it’s a real pleasure to have a happy surfing
member like you at Traffic Speedway :)

Randy Fountain
Friendly owner of


Easily Controll all Your TE Credits from one place…
Manage Your Credits at ==> TE Command Post

TrafficSpeedway – Quality Traffic Friendly Service!

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